Instrument Sizing Guide

String Instruments in Semi circle

It is important to have the correct size instrument for you or your student. Having an incorrect size can cause issues such as tendinitis or difficulty even holding the instrument. You can either come to us and we can size you or your student or you can use this chart below to choose the right instrument.

Using a measuring tape or yardstick measure the player with their left arm fully extended outward while looking forward. Make sure the body and arm are perpendicular to each other. Measure from the base of the neck to the center of the palm and follow the guide below.

  • Less than 14” → 1/32
  • 14”- 16” → 1/16
  • 16” - 17” → 1/10
  • 17” - 18” → 1/8
  • 18” - 20” → 1/4
  • 20” - 22” → 1/2 or 12” viola
  • 22” - 23” → 3/4 or 13” viola
  • 23” + → 4/4 or 14” viola
Women and Child playing Violin

Cell Music Instruments


For the best experience, we suggest you come in so we can size you up. Cellos and basses require unique sizing as some individuals have longer arms than others. Our goal is to ensure you have a comfortable fit, so let us help you find the perfect size.

Superior Quality

At The Texas Violin Shop, we carefully choose every instrument we carry from our trusted manufacturers and colleagues. Our rental instruments come in two tiers, ensuring that we have the right fit for players of any level.

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