Rental Program Benefits

At our shop, we value the interests of our students, teachers, and parents. That's why we've developed a rental program that promises to provide an exceptional quality instrument that's professionally adjusted and set up in house.

Protection Plan

Bowed stringed instruments require maintenance as they are played and exposed to changes in climate. You can bring your instrument to us anytime for a general checkup or maintenance repairs, such as open seams or a loose fingerboard, and our violin maker and restorer Samantha, will address them at no cost. In case the strings break, we are happy to replace them with select brand strings for free, and upgraded strings are available for purchase. For further maintenance plan details, feel free to contact us.

Music Instrument Repair

String Music Instruments

Rental Credit

For those who rent from us, 100% of rental payments will go towards an instrument's purchase later on. As time goes on, the credit will increase, providing a unique opportunity to invest in an instrument. As musicians progress in their careers, they may surpass their current instrument's capabilities. Fortunately, rental credit can be applied towards a new, handmade instruments.

Superior Quality

At The Texas Violin Shop, we carefully choose every instrument we carry from our trusted manufacturers and colleagues. Our rental instruments come in two tiers, ensuring that we have the right fit for players of any level.

Music Instrument Repair