Cello Rentals

Our Standards

All of our rentals are set up in our San Antonio shop by our very own luthier. That means that all of our rentals are set up to classical Italian standard measurements. An instrument that is set up well means that you won't have to spend all your time tuning and you will spend more time playing. All of our instruments are comfortable to play, sound great, and set up to our high standards.

Why Us

Trade Credit:
100% rental credit towards future purchase of step up to professional instruments.

Return at anytime after the first month. Feel free to change to one of our other rental programs or move up to a larger sized instrument with no penalties or loss of rental credit.

Cell Music Instrument leaning on chair

Main playing Cello Music Instrument in outside building

Maintenance & Protection

Protection Plan
Bowed stringed instruments naturally need maintenance as they are being played and acclimate to changes in climate. Bring in your rental instrument anytime for a general checkup. When strings break we are happy to replace them at no extra cost to you with select brand strings. Additional maintenance plan details are available upon request.

Ready To Play

Included with the Rental:
All of our instrument rentals will come with a bow, rosin, and a case that is suitable to hold accessories such as your shoulder rest and tuner.

Cell Music Instrument leaning on chair

 Cello Music Instrument leaning on brick wall

Cello Rental Prices

Instrument Standard Premium Protection Plan
Cello 1/4 or smaller $42.00 $47.00 $8.99
Cello 1/2 - 4/4 $45.00 $53.00 $9.99

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