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Rafael Orofino Master 4/4 Violin


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R.Orofino Master Violin 4/4

The Orofino is the unique shop instrument of New York Master Violin Maker Charles Rufino. 
They begin as fine instruments, made from the choicest materials, and are completely recrafted. 

An extensive process refines the instrument from the inside out for superior resonance, tonal quality, and player comfort: 

- the top is removed and the interior is brought to professional specifications
- the thicknesses of the sides, top and back are adjusted
- a professional quality bassbar is fitted
- a secret sauce for tonal improvement is applied to the interior before it is closed up
- the neck and fingerboard are reshaped to professional specifications for playability
- it is finished with the same handmade varnishes applied to Charles Rufino’s Master instruments
- it gets a professional-quality set up with handmade fittings (pegs, tailpiece, endpin, chinrest)
- finally it is turned into a masterpiece with a professional soundpost, bridge and strung up with the highest quality strings.  

Musicians can enjoy a truly custom, handmade instrument for a fraction of the price of one of Charles Rufino’s professional instruments. 

This Orofino features rosewood pegs, a rosewood chinrest and tail piece and Thomastik Infeld Vision Solo Strings.

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