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Wiseman Wooden Violin Case

Wooden Violin Case

Oval-sectioned case to provide the greatest protection for violins. Featuring stainless steel hinges and locks/catches. The violin is suspended on rubber blocking with the belly and scroll hanging into space. The violin enjoys equal support from above and below, with no touch or pressure on the neck, strings or tailpiece. 

Up to four bows are suspended between shock absorbing rubber blocks, with no possibility of hairs catching, or the bows themselves becoming loose to touch the violin. Very large storage area around the scroll end of the violin with straps to hold a shoulder rest, and a large specific storage pocket area is at the other end for general accessories. The walls of the case are completely rigid and will not flex.


Extremely strong, light, hard case. Military-strength, aircraft-grade finish Birch shell, stained and protected with yacht varnish. Unique internal suspension system holds instruments firmly. 


Mahogany, Oak, Ebony, Pine or Walnut finishes available

Accessories Features

-Detachable music pocket mounted on a leather perimeter buckle belt
-Perimeter leather buckle belt
-Padded non-slip leather shoulder pads
-Adjustable leather shoulder straps
-Internal accessory pockets
-Handle on the middle of the case
-Handle on the end of the case
-Nickel plated metal catches
-Stainless steel hinges
-Velco Mounted protective edgings
-Light reflective alternative edgings

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