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Rental Program Benefits

Our rental program is designed with our parents, students, and teacher's best interest in mind. We guarantee an instrument of superior quality, professionally adjusted, and set up by our master luthier.

Protection Plan:

Bowed stringed instruments naturally need maintenance as they are being played and acclimate to changes in climate. Bring in your instrument anytime for a general checkup or maintenance repairs, such as open seams or a loose fingerboard, and our master luthier will address them at no cost. When strings break, we are happy to replace them at no extra cost to you with select brand strings, upgraded strings are available for purchase. Additional maintenance plan details are available upon request.

Rental Credit:

Up to 100% of rental payments towards the instrument only will accrue as credit towards the purchase of an instrument. The longer you rent, the more credit will accrue. As players advance in their musical career, that also means players can musically outgrow an instrument. Feel free to use your rental credit to upgrade to a fine hand-made instrument.

Superior Inventory:
The Texas Violin Shop personally selects each instrument we carry from our manufacturers. We offer two tiers of rental instruments to help accommodate any level of player. 
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