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The Texas Violin Shop offers lessons to anyone who wants to learn how to play violin, viola, cello, and bass.

Children and adults of all ages and ability levels are welcome to join. Our experienced teachers will teach you on their primary and secondary instruments. All lessons are private one on one instruction. Our teachers are here to help you reach your personal goals.

If you or a student wants to learn a new instrument, prepare for college auditions, or get ready for all-state, feel free to reach out to Estefan Cortez to guide you in the right direction. To learn more about our teachers visit our website under the “Meet our Staff” tab.

When starting to learn a new instrument, we recommended to purchase some accessories that will offer some ease such a tuner and metronome. Along with the guidance of your teacher, a tuner will help any player independently tune their instrument as there is a learning curve for this. Metronomes will help keep a player in time with the piece they are playing.

For violin and viola, it’s recommended to purchase a shoulder rest to raise up the instrument under the students neck. This allows for the instrument to sit more comfortably on a players shoulder.

For cello and bass, it’s recommended to purchase a rockstop. A rockstop is designed to prevent the instrument from slipping while playing.

Along with these accessories, our teachers will recommend specific books or sheet music for students to purchase. It is encouraged for players to seek out classical music that interests them.

Our one-stop shop offers all of these accessories. If during your lesson a string breaks or your instrument needs an adjustment, our on site luthier is here to help.

The Texas Violin Shop understands the importance of the relationship between a teacher and student. The first lesson will be of no cost to you.

Individual Lessons

  • 30 Mins = $35
  • 60 Mins = $60

Family Rates

For parents who have multiple children taking lessons through The Texas Violin Shop

  • 30 mins = $30
  • 60 mins = $55
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