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                                          Instrument Maintenance Workshops

Instrument Maintenance Workshop for Students in a Classroom Orchestra:
With no cost to you, owner and master luthier, Samantha Cortez, will visit your school and educate students on how to responsibly care and maintain their bowed stringed instrument. In this workshop students will learn about luthier history, how to maintain their instruments, identifying common problems with their instruments and knowing when to bring your instruments to your local luthier. Students will also learn about construction of the violin and common issues like open seams, warped bridges and standard maintenance. Students will need to have their instruments and bows with them during this class as a tool to use to identify common necessary repairs. This workshop also includes a brief Q&A for any students who may have concerns with their instrument. This workshop is 1 class period and is free for all schools, and private teacher studios (min of 8 students). We invite all teachers to click the "Students" link below to schedule your free instrument maintenance workshop!

Instrument Maintenance Workshop for Teachers: 
Owner and master luthier, Samantha Cortez, will host a 1-6 session course, which is available for both teachers and college students. Educators and future educators will get hands on experience in basic maintenance and repairs on bowed string instruments. We will cover every day issues a music educator will experience in the field. This workshop will go over activities to do with your students, how to identify repairs, and how to fix minor common issues with student instruments. Teachers will need to bring an instrument to practice and identify minor repairs with. Some tools will be provided as well as guidance for tool preferences. Price will vary upon number of sessions. Click the "Teachers" link below to inquire about this workshop

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