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About Us

Meet the Staff

Estefan Cortez – Owner, Cellist, Director of Sales

▪ Estefan grew up in Patchogue NY. At the age of 10 he started studying cello.
He quickly fell in love with the instrument and excelled in his musical studies.
In 2009 he attended the College of Saint Rose and earned a degree in Music
Education with a concentration in cello. Shortly after graduating college he ran
a music program under the direction of master luthier Charles Rufino in
Huntington NY. Estefan brought this program up to 150 students a week.
Estefan quickly made a name for himself as a teacher and violin dealer. He was
doing instrument showings at conservatories, universities, and orchestras
throughout New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. While
doing all of this Estefan and Samantha fell in love at The Long Island Violin
Shop and decided to start their own journey together. A few years later Estefan
and Samantha moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Estefan worked for Summerhays
Music and ran the biggest professional strings department in the state of Utah
and other neighboring states. After 5 years of setting sales records and several
notable sales Estefan and Samantha are starting their new chapter of life and
growing their family.

Samantha Cortez – Owner, Cellist, Luthier and Bow Maker

▪ Samantha grew up in Melville, NY. She started studying cello at the age of 10
and continued through high school. Samantha started her training at the age of
15 as a workshop assistant. She found that her passion of fine bowed
instruments and her talent in woodworking went hand in hand and found her
passion in violin making and restoration. Samantha began restorations and
repairs on bows along with fine antique instruments. She studied under
American master luthier Charles Rufino and Hungarian lutheir Endre Fischer at
the Long Island Violin Shop. In 2010 Samantha continued her studies with
other master makers at Oberlin College, University of New Hampshire, Mohr
and Mohr Bows, Carrie Scoggins, and The Violin Making School of America.
While attending the Violin Making School of America Samantha offered her
skills in bow work and taught workshops in bow maintenance and restoration.
While attending the Violin Making School of America, Samantha also worked
at Summerhays Music as a lutheir and bow specialist. She would work with
students to professional on restorations and maintenance as well as working
with teachers and their studios. Samantha still offers workshops and
consultations at the Texas Violin Shop.

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